So long summer

Yesterday marked the end of the summer holidays for the children and I, for one, will miss them greatly.

We’ve enjoyed arts and crafts galore – decorating door hangers, treasure chests, egg cups, photo frames, made umbrellas and bugs to name but a few.

We’ve enjoyed trips to the park, village walks, jumping in muddy puddles, playing pooh sticks, rolling down hills, picking blackberries, nature walks, playing in the garden in the ball pit, crawling through the tunnel, sand and water play, blowing bubbles, collecting eggs.

We’ve enjoyed making cakes, making playdough, making gloop, making salt dough decorations. We’ve enjoyed hand print painting, finger painting, drawing, sticking, gluing and cutting.

We’ve enjoyed puzzles, reading books, building train sets, building blocks, singing, dancing and role play.

So long summer, it’s been wonderful.

P1100307 P1100304 P1100246 P1100242 P1100182 P1100142 P1100141 P1100126 P1100114 IMG_6526 IMG_6464 IMG_6461 IMG_6456 IMG_6455 IMG_6443 IMG_6410


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