British Values

Ofsted are now inspecting childminders – and all early years providers – on how well we ‘actively promote’ British values.

The term has got lots of us childminders in a spin!

Admittedly, I didn’t like the term when I first heard it, I was worried that it had some xenophobic undertones, but, on the contrary, it’s about teaching our children how to live together peacefully, each of them a valuable part of our multicultural world.

Here at Aston childcare, respect and consideration underpins everything we do.

Every childminder will have their own take on how they like to promote British Values but this is what we practice here at Aston Childcare –

  • We explore different cultures and celebrate diversity
  • We teach children to be kind, helpful and respectful of others
  • We teach children to be part of their local community
  • We say “please” and “thank you”
  • We celebrate and support cornerstones of British infrastructure – village post office, village shop, police station, village school and teach children to be part of their local community
  • We celebrate the seasons (Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter)
  • We eat fresh, seasonal British grown produce
  • We play with resources that reflect our multicultural society
  • We sit and eat at the table with a knife and fork
  • We treat men and women, girls and boys with the same level of respect.
  • We learn about world events and discuss them
  • We learn about and respect other religions
  • We learn about our political leaders and discuss our right to vote and the fact that we live in a democracy
  • We learn about our monarchy and mark noteworthy events ie. The Queens reign
  • We learn about right and wrong
  • We learn to respect the natural world

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