Large scale painting

Here at Aston Childcare we do quite a few structured arts and crafts activities (ie making a pumpkin because it’s Halloween or making poppies because it’s remembrance day) so it’s nice to give the children an opportunity to make marks themselves with no guidance on what the end product should be. So today we did just that with some large scale painting. It’s important as childminders that we provide opportunities for making marks both inside and outside on different surfaces and on a large scale. This is especially beneficial for reluctant writers as it gives them an opportunity to make marks in an unstructured way and to give meaning to their marks which is all good preparation for writing.

Children gave meaning to their marks “this is an aeroplane”, “this is a jet” and became immersed in their own imaginary world as they got painting which was lovely to observe.

Areas of Learning covered: Communication & Language, Expressive Arts and Design, Physical Development (fine motor skills)




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