Focus on…Expressive Arts and Design

Today I am focusing on Expressive Arts and Design. This area of learning, as defined by the EYFS (The early years foundation stage), calls on us to provide children with opportunities to explore and use media and materials and to be imaginative.

Here at Aston Childcare we love our arts and crafts! We love to paint and draw, print, do collages, model making (junk modelling) and play and listen and dance to music.

Every day during their free play sessions the children engage in role play and imaginative play, the dressing up items on offer such as various hats and scarves are always big hits and open up the children’s imaginations.  I also provide a wide variety of musical instruments for the children to play with.

I try to expose the children to many different medias. Over the past few months alone, the children have enjoyed all kinds of painting and printing, drawings using pencils, felt tips, crayons, chalks and glitter pens, drawing on both paper and blackboards and whiteboards, produced many a creation using paper plates, tubes, cardboard boxes, they have made and painted masks, made lavender bags by sewing, made bugs using pipe cleaners and pom-poms, used stickers in conjunction with a theme ie bug stickers when making bugs and talking about them. They have played with clay and plasticine, they have enjoyed decorating fabric bags, t-shirts and pencil cases with fabric pens, decorated wooden stars, wooden dolls pegs, egg cups, door hangers, photo frames, wooden spoons, mugs and treasure chests.

We also do lots of messy play activities like making and playing with playdough, salt dough and gloop and playing with shaving foam, glitter and rice.

Some of the expressive arts and design resources I offer –

  • Musical instruments (including maracas, kazoo, xylophone, tambourine, castanets, clacker, percussion scraper, etc).
  • Musical CDs – including Baby Einstein classical music (Vivaldi and Neptune)
  • Easels
  • Paints
  • Crayons, pencils, chalks
  • Plasticine
  • Model making resources
  • Ingredients to make playdough, salt dough and gloop.
  • Sand and Water play where children make castings, moldings, and prints.
  • Role play and small world items.

I am always adding to my resources and this is probably one of my favourites to buy for!




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