Quick Focus Activity: Maths Quiz

Today after lunch as my son took a nap, I set up a quick, fun quiz for my mindee. In addition to our normal planned activities, I am trying to introduce additional, short, focused and fun educational activities.

It’s thought that the average 4 year old may spend 7-8 minutes on a single activity alone, or as much as 15 minutes if the activity is new and especially interesting. With a small group, a 4-year-old may spend 5-10 minutes playing without interruption. Therefore this activity which required hunting and finding objects and placing them on the correct sheet held his interest for just long enough for it to be both fun and educational. He correctly identified items of different shapes and placed them on the corresponding sheet. He then was able to count all of the items afterwards. He loved running back and forth to the playroom and was excited each time he found an object of the correct shape.

I am going to keep trialing these quick focus activities and see how they go.

Areas of Learning covered: Communication & Language, Mathematics (shape and numbers) and Literacy.


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