Treasure basket for babies

I have had a lovely 9 month old join me in recent months.  She is still suffering badly with separation anxiety and likes to be with me the whole time. I can encourage her on to the floor to play for short periods to explore the items out of the treasure basket though which I have been compiling carefully recently.  My own son who is slightly older loves heuristic items such as these over any “proper” toy, his particular favourite at the moment being a small metal tea strainer!

All items are new and clean and used with supervision. I like to sit alongside them and let them explore. I sit and observe as they pass items from one hand to another, turn them over, put one inside another. Sometimes I chat as they look at the items but the key idea here is to let them explore.

Current items in the treasure basket include

  • Metal Tea strainer
  • Willow ball
  • Wooden Pastry brush
  • Fir cone
  • Wooden dolls peg
  • Wooden nail brush
  • Pumice stone

I am always thinking of new items to include and reviewing what’s popular with them and what’s not.

I find this kind of play great as I can provide them with an ever changing assortment of ‘toys’ to enjoy and the benefit is the fact that they provide a rich sensory experience for them to discover.

I found a great link on the NCT website which talks about separation anxiety in babies – for any new mums going through this.





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