Focus on…Physical Development

We all know that exercise is good for us. It helps children develop strength, become mentally alert and stay healthy.  Children need space to run, stretch and explore and to have opportunities to develop both their fine motor and gross motor skills.

Here at Aston Childcare, we gets lots of exercise on our daily school runs, village walks and trips to the park as well as at home in the garden and inside too.

We are lucky to have a great park in the village which has a great array of large scale play equipment that the children love – swings, a roundabout, a zip wire and a variety of assault and rope courses. Back at home, we have a good sized garden for the children to play in.

Inside babies have ample space to stretch, crawl and explore. My older mindees currently love singing and dancing to the hokey cokey! Even the babies love this and laugh at the chorus. It’s a great mood booster! I have very high energy mindees – even the babies!

These are some of the resources and activities on offer here to aid physical development –

  • Push along walker
  • Jumperoo
  • Inflatable jungle roll around to encourage crawling
  • Action songs such as Row, Row, Row your boat
  • Ball pit and play tunnel
  • Ride on cars
  • Toddlebike
  • Hopscotch mat
  • Gymnastics ribbon
  • Dancing
  • Balls of all sizes inside and out
  • Skittles
  • Musical statues
  • Walking to and from school
  • Doing the Hokey-Cokey
  • We go to the local village park to play on large scale play equipment.
  • We go for walks in the village whatever the weather.
  • Puddle splashing
  • Sand and Water play (Gross motor skills digging, pouring, sifting and scooping)
  • Games in the garden – musical chairs, tag, races
  • Playing pooh sticks
  • Rolling down hills

And for fine motor skills –

  • Painting and drawing
  • Playdough
  • Threading/lacing boards
  • Large plastic tweezers
  • Using building blocks
  • Jigsaws
  • Playing with sand and water (Eye-hand coordination and fine motor skills as children manipulate sand accessories).




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