Focus on…Understanding the World


The EYFS statutory framework  2014  states that we must support children in 4 specific areas of learning one of which is “Understanding the World” and covers 3  themes– People and communities, The World and Technology.

Here at Aston Childcare I am very lucky to have very bright mindees who are very aware of the world around them.  These are just some of the resources and activities we do to support and strengthen their understanding and learning –

People and communities

  • Read books that show people from diverse backgrounds
  • Celebrate religious festivals and cultures (eg Diwali)
  • Happyland characters that depict people from different cultures
  • Happyland school, post office, village shop
  • We play games such as Eeboos “I never forget a face” which depicts ethnicities from around the world
  • We read books such as “Starting School” by Janet Ahlberg which depicts school children of different ethnicities.
  • Play with dressing up clothes eg Chinese clothing
  • Play with multicultural items such as Australian aboriginal boomerang


The world

  • We go on nature walks (collecting twigs, leaves, conkers, blackberries etc)
  • Trips to the shops, post office, garden centre etc
  • We grow plants from seeds in the garden (such as sunflowers) and plant herbs and vegetables.
  • We discuss world events that we have seen on the news (ie the earthquake in Nepal).
  • Looking after and collecting the Chickens eggs
  • Explore puddles and puddle jumping
  • Explore different surfaces under foot such as grass and mud
  • Heuristic play (exploring things like a horse chesnut, conkers, wooden dolls pegs, leaves, a textured branch, a feather, willow balls) for older children.
  • Treasure basket objects – For babies I introduce safe Natural Resources to so they have the opportunity to explore objects such as willow/wicker balls, metal whisks and wooden spoons
  • Magnifying glasses
  • Jumbo magnet
  • Windmills
  • Blowing Bubbles (Covers science processes such as investigation, discovery, experimentation, observation, definition, comparison, and classification)
  • World map puzzles
  • Solar system/space puzzle
  • Inflatable globe
  • Instruments from around the world eg maracas and catsanets
  • Books such as Oxford First Science Dictionary
  • Clock faces
  • Tell the time lotto
  • Sand and water table



  • Toy Remote control
  • Toy mobile phone
  • Remote control cars
  • Push button books
  • Toy Keys
  • Books with flaps and shutters
  • Laptop installed with child safety software (open DNS)
  • Dimmable light switches
  • TV, Radio and CD player
  • Visits to the shops and supermarket (using self-scanner checkout, conveyor belt, tills etc)
  • Access to digital camera
  • Technology in the environment – Traffic lights and pedestrian crossings when out and about


On my wish list currently are a pair of binoculars, wind up torch, karaoke machine, wind up toys and an electronic keyboard. If anyone has any further ideas please  do let me know!


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