Cold as Ice!

With the temperatures plummeting to well below zero this week (-4 here in Aston today!) it seemed like the perfect time to explore ice!

My mindee had been exploring water at pre-school this week so this seemed the perfect opportunity to extend this activity and explore ice in some detail.

The watering can I left outside the back door overnight had frozen as I had hoped which gave us a good opportunity to look at ice. “When will it melt, how do I break it?” my mindee asked. We had lots of descriptive words as to how the ice felt – cold, slippy, hard.

Back inside, we looked at ice cubes and explored what happened when we dropped them into a bowl of warm water with my mindee exclaiming “Look its gone!”. I introduced words like “defrosted and defrosting” and asked why they thought it was melting. They correctly told me it was because it was warm.

I had added some food colouring to the ice cubes which, coupled with the feel of the ice, gave the activity an added sensory element to it.

We looked at the puddles that had frozen over on our school run and walked over the frosted lawn in the garden once back home.  My mindee knew that the ice on the ground would melt when it got warm and that had it frozen because it was so cold.

Areas of Learning covered: Understanding the world, physical development and Communication and Language


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