Colour themed baby treasure basket

This week I put together a colour themed sensory tray for my 1 year old mindee. I went with the colour blue and collected various bits and pieces from around the playroom trying to get different shapes and textures for her to explore.

The final basket included –

  • 1 plastic blue stacking ring
  • 1 plastic stacking cup
  • 1 wooden tea cup
  • 1 wooden prism
  • 1 wooden rectangular piece with a hole
  • 1 sensory ball
  • 1 sensory cube
  • 1 long soft jersey scarf
  • 1 small wooden car
  • 1 square piece of duplo


I sat back and watched her explore on her own, without any interference or direction of play. It’s lovely to sit beside them while they play and just observe how they explore the materials and what they make of them.

She enjoyed the motor element of the basket as much as the contents, simply taking each thing out one by one and putting them back in again! Then she began touching, rolling and banging the pieces together and generally discovering what they can do.

It’s fun to create these resources and I always find they love engaging with them so much more than shop bought toys.





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