Embracing Diversity

We live in an extremely diverse society and this should be reflected in the care that we as childminders give.

Children have the right to feel valued and be free from discrimination. A positive self-image and high self esteem gives children the confidence and security to communicate effectively and to explore the world around them. It is important that the children I care for are sensitive to the needs and feelings of others and show respect for people of other cultures and beliefs.

This week we had fun creating these characters chatting about their different hair colour and features and looking at different skin tones.

Here at Aston Childcare I endeavour to provide an inclusive environment by ensuring I –

  • Value each child’s individuality
  • Challenge any racist and discriminatory remarks, attitudes and behavior
  • Find out about family customs and beliefs, dietary requirements, dress code, hair and skin care, help required with toilet and washing
  • Provide activities to help children appreciate and value each others similarities and differences
  • Provide play materials which reflect diversity such as books and puzzles which show positive images of boys and girls and men and women from a variety of cultural backgrounds and varying needs.
  • Explore religious and cultural festivals

A selection of some of the materials and activities I provide that celebrate our differences –







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