Sensory play

Baby sensory classes are big business. As a home based childcarer I aim to provide lots of different things to stimulate all 5 of babies and toddlers senses (hearing, sight, touch, smell and taste) outside of expensive classes.

Babies love to put things in their mouths and I don’t discourage this as this is how they learn. All my toys are regularly inspected for cleanliness and safety.

I am to provide resources that offer a range of different textures, types, colours and shapes which will provide a lot of sensory stimulation for all the children.

These are just some of the sensory activities and resources I provide here at Aston Childcare (the safety and ages of each child is always considered before using any of the items listed) –

  • Playdough – adding things such as glitter or lavender
  • finger painting
  • Small bean bags
  • Treasure baskets – filled with metal items, wood items, plastic items, ribbons
  • Touch and Feel sensory books
  • Cooking and baking sessions to explore taste and smell.
  • Outside basket – filled with fir cones, interesting leaves, twigs etc
  • Scarves
  • Arts and crafts items such as pom poms and wool.
  • Paper and cardboard sensory bag with different types of card eg shiny, ridged, coloured
  • bubble wrap
  • Bubbles
  • Mirrors
  • Rice
  • Spaghetti
  • sand and water tray
  • Mud play
  • gloop (flour and water)
  • sensitive shaving foam
  • Musical instruments
  • Smooth stones in the garden
  • Shells in a bag
  • Wooden blocks and large wooden dice
  • Sensory play mat
  • Plastic little people or animals




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