Working with other settings

With the 15 free hour’s childcare in place and the hotly anticipated extension to 30 hours, it is more and more common that care of children is now shared between settings.

I have recently been looking after a 4 year old who attended pre-school every morning from 9 until 12 then I would pick them up and they would spend the remainder of their day from 12pm-5.30 with me.

It is vital in such cases that the two settings communicate with one another so that they compliment or indeed contrast what the other is providing.

This is how I was working in partnership with the pre-school and this could be applied to any setting –

  • Checked their noticeboard daily which would tell me what their morning snack had been and would say “Ask me about..” which would detail their mornings activity
  • Parents would email the weekly pre-school newsletter to me which helped with my planning. It’s also useful to check the settings website as newsletters are usually posted here too.
  • Chats and meetings with pre-school staff, either at pick up or pre-arranged to discuss termly updates
  • Provide them with access to the child’s online journey

I am always reflecting on the best methods to share information between settings and am always happy to hear any suggestions should you have any.


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