Mirror, mirror on the wall

Since my son was born I have always enjoyed holding him in front of a mirror. He gets great joy from seeing his reflection and seeing us together in the mirror. I think mirrors are a lovely tool for providing a stimulating environment to babies and children.

Development Matters suggests a number of ways in which they can be used to provide an enabling environment –

8-20 months (Personal, Social and Emotional Development; Self-confidence and self-awareness)  Place mirrors where babies can see their own reflection. Talk with them about what they see.

30-50 months (Communication & Language; Listening and Attention)  Help children be aware of different voice sounds by using a mirror to see what their mouth and tongue do as they make different sounds.

Birth-11 months – (Communication & Language; Understanding) Provide resources that stimulate babies’ interests such as a shiny bell, a book or a mirror

Here at Aston childcare, we have a lovely cheerful yellow sunshine mirror on the wall in the playroom which is fantastic for pre-schoolers and school aged children. We also have a great wooden colour flap mirror which is a shiny shatterproof mirror that hides behind four colourful wooden flaps, making it a captivating toy. It’s appealing to both babies and toddlers and helps young children master colour-recognition, basic vocabulary and concepts of cause-and-effect.

We also have various sized sheets of plastic, acrylic mirrors which are great for all kinds of sensory play activities. They can be used to create fun repeat reflections and can be used both inside and outside. I like to use the smallest one I have in my treasure basket, babies and young children love to pull this out and look at their reflection and explore the mirror.

Mirrors, an easy, excellent Early Years resource…








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