Outdoor learning

This story that states that “Outdoor learning boosts children’s development” came as no surprise to me last week in the news –


The children I look after all “come alive” when outside, my own 2 year old would spend all day, every day outside if he could!

I am continually reflecting on my outdoor provision. Currently I provide-

  • mark making materials – Easels, portable mini blackboards, chunky chalks, chalks, paints.
  • Sand and water, water wheels, measuring jugs, funnels, sieves.
  • Ride on Toys, balance bikes, toddlebike
  • Paddling pool, ball pit.
  • Gardening gloves and tools, wheelbarrows, watering cans and sprays
  • Bubbles, Gymnasts ribbon.
  • Bug Boxes, magnifying glass, giant tweezers
  • A slide, play tent, play tunnel
  • Balls of all sizes, toy golf clubs
  • Hopscotch mat
  • Loose parts such as different lengths of guttering

Added to this we have resources we like to take outside with us  – picnic blanket, books, music, dolls and cars.

I try to make my outside space as inviting and as an enabling space as the inside. I love watching the children play but learning and developing all the time without them knowing it, watching and forming relationships, solving problems, exploring science and maths concepts, exploring their senses, discovering the world and meeting physical milestones.

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