Country Life!

This morning I woke up to straw all over our lawn! At first I wondered what on earth had happened until I realised its harvest time again when the farmers are raking the hay ready for processing into bales afterwards. We collected up the straw and popped it in a wheelbarrow. The children have used straw in their small world play before with farm animals which provides them with  a great sensory element to their play.

We are so lucky to live in the country and it affords us with lots of great real life learning opportunities…

  • It’s blackberry picking time again, no need for special trips to pick your own farms we have them in the wild right here on our doorstep!
  • Our neighouring fields have lambs and sheep in and we see lots of lovely horses, pony’s and cows on our village walks.
  • Tractors and other farm machinery going by provide us with a great opportunity to talk and learn about different vehicles.
  • The open countryside means the children can have great fun rolling down hills and walks through corn fields.
  • We learn about classic countryside sights such as kissing gates and sty’s.
  • We get to help ourselves to locals offering homegrown apples and produce fresh from their gardens.
  • Added to this the country air is good for our lungs and means we all sleep well!

Areas of Learning covered: Physical Development, Communication & Language, Expressive Arts and Design, Understanding the World.


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