Autumn Calling

Tomorrow marks the official start of Autumn!

I have to admit I love the end of the summer and the start of Autumn. As a childminder Autumn is a lovely season with a wealth of opportunities for things to do and explore outdoors and lots of fun arts and crafts to enjoy inside.

To mark the start of Autumn we enjoyed a simple but fun autumn leaves collage. One mindee aged 2.3 is enjoying learning some of her colours. We chatted about whether to use small or larger leaves and how many we had. I explained about how the leaves change colour in the Autumn and then fall off the trees. They loved using their fine motor skills to peel off the back of the stickers and stick them down. They enjoyed chatting to one another and taking turns to pick their next leaf to use.

All in all it was a lovely, simple activity that was a great example of the Active Learning (Characteristics of Effective Learning) in that they were involved and concentrating and enjoyed achieving what they set out to do.

Areas of Learning Covered: Communication & Language, Physical Development, Personal, Social and Emotional Development, Maths, Understanding the World, Expressive Arts and Design.

Characteristics of Effective Learning – Active Learning



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