People and communities

Here at Aston Childcare we are privileged to have such a lovely village setting. It has to be said though that there is not much diversity on our doorstep. It is therefore important that the children know about the wider world and their community. “Understanding the world: People and communities” makes up one of the 7 components of the EYFS areas of learning.

We are a small group here so we first learn about one another. I feel it is important that the children realise that they are unique and accept and embrace their own differences in a smaller setting before we get out into the wider community. To do this, we –

  • We learn eachothers names.
  • We talk about our families, our likes and our dislikes.
  • We appreciate that everyone is a valuable contributor within the group
  • The babies and younger ones see older children for instance on school runs
  • We talk about our feelings and what makes us special
  • We look at books which represent children’s diverse backgrounds
  • We play with items that show positive images of all children with diverse physical characteristics
  • We play with toys and resources that avoid negative stereotypes

In a wider context we –

  • Look at people who help us in the community- through puzzles, posters, dressing up.
  • We explore different occupations
  • Get out and about in the community ourselves – shops, garden centres, village attractions, soft play, parks, school runs.
  • Explore different religious festivals such as Diwali

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