World Maths Day

Saturday gone was World Maths Day (No! I didn’t know either!)…

It’s prompted me (now I know!) to reflect on what mathematical activities we have been up to here at Aston Childcare recently.

Well, we have been doing lots of number recognition…One of my mindees (aged 2 years 5 months) and my own son (2 years 4 months) are just starting to enjoy looking at and naming numbers. I try and take every opportunity to count and point out numbers. Their current favourite is shouting out the numbers we see on our duplo number train! To continue their interest in numbers we recently did a simple number collage that they enjoyed. Other ways we get to see and look at numbers here at Aston Childcare are –

  • Shape sorter clock
  • Clock faces
  • Books with numbers such as “five little ducks”
  • Watching Numtums on CBeebies
  • Playing with our toy till
  • Playing with our jumbo calculator
  • Making numbers out of playdough with the number cutters
  • Number stickers in our arts and crafts sessions

Development matters states that children between the ages of 22-36 months will –


Aside from numbers, other mathematical resources we have been enjoying lately here at Aston Childcare have been our new “Go Wheelies”! which are a great way of developing the use of positional language.

The children were loving the large foam blocks in the garden over the summer months.

The numbered ducks and measuring cylinders in our water play area are popular as are the number and shape magnets and talking numbered remote control inside.



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