Extending play

As childminders it is not only our responsibility to provide the children with a wide range of attractive resources and activities to enjoy but to also spot opportunities to extend their play where we can.

Water play is a favourite activity here. I provide a range of resources to extend children’s play – numerous jugs of different sizes, measuring cylinders, sieves, funnels and water wheels all help children explore water further. Buckets of water and dolls for washing dolls is another great way of developing  personal social and emotional development skills.

Playdough is another firm favourite here which is out most days. To extend children’s play in this area I provide a number of tools, number and letter cutters to help with numeracy and literacy and dough extruders to further develop fine motor skills. The introduction of loose parts such as bottle tops and straws also helps extend play.

The other area of play I have recently identified that could be extended is our much favoured duplo. Again, this is out most days. With some of the children now learning their numbers I realised that the enjoyment they have in making towers and tall structures could be combined with some measuring activities so plan to introduce tape measures, rulers, number lines and string alongside the duplo.



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