Life Cycles

I recently purchased these fab stamps from a company called Insectlore

They have lots of lovely, fun, educational products.


They are such a fab, fun way to teach children about simple Life cycles in nature. At the moment I just have 2.5 year olds and under so they are really just enjoying the act of stamping them and creating fun frog prints but I know they will be great as they get to pre-school age and we can begin to talk about Life Cycles in more depth.

Other ways we explore and look at life cycles here at Aston Childcare are by –

  • Planting seeds and growing flowers
  • Reading books such as Eric Carles ‘The Very Hungry Caterpillar’
  • and these lovely puzzles showing other life cycles in nature –

As always, the children will learn when it is made fun for them.


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