Happy (Chinese) New Year!

This week I have been loosely following a theme and planning activities around the fact that it is Chinese New Year starting tomorrow (Saturday 28th January). This year, Chinese New Year – The Year of the Rooster – begins on Saturday January 28 and lasts until February 15th, 2018.


Our village pre-school follow themes and last year followed and celebrated the Chinese New Year. They learnt all about how the Chinese celebrate and decorate their homes. They did lots of art and craft and card making. They made a large dragon as a class and did some fantastic dragon dancing. They tried lots of Chinese food and even had a special visitor in to talk about how she celebrates and to share her stories with them. The children all wore red to mark the occasion.

My mindees are much younger however and there will be plenty of time ahead for them to learn, understand and explore this festival further. So with my little ones, (youngest 17 months and eldest 2 ½ years) I used the theme to help inspire me to plan activities for them. Themes can sometimes help to have something to scaffold the day and activities around. They love painting so we used red and yellow paint and they love glitter so we used red and gold glitter. Their favourite activity was definitely the dressing up in the Chinese clothes from the dressing up box and the Chinese fan and parasol.Finally, we read and enjoyed our ‘Lanterns and Firecrackers’ book.

Areas of Learning Covered: Understanding the World, Personal, Social and Emotional Development, Communication & Language, Literacy, Physical Development and Expressive Arts and Design


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