In today’s news: A third of children ‘not reaching expectations’

This is a worrying story in today’s news that says a third of children are ‘not reaching expectations’ in the early years.

As childminder’s we have a great responsibility to ensure children are developing well and are school ready. I firmly believe that the formative years shape a child’s future. They are the foundation that shapes children’s future. It is well known that Children learn more quickly during their early years than at any other time in life.

Here at Aston Childcare these are just some of the ways that I ensure children are making progress and developing the skills they need for the future –

  • I collect childrens starting points when they start with me to enable me to track their progress during their time with me.
  • I observe the children in all 7 areas of learning – Personal, Social and Emotional Development, Physical Development, Communication and Language, Literacy, Mathematics, Understanding the World and Expressive Arts and Design
  • I plan activities to ensure learning and progress in all 7 areas of learning
  • I look for signs that children are displaying characteristics of effective learning – playing and exploring, active learning and Creating and thinking critically
  • When children turn two I perform a 2 year check along with their health visitor to flag any concerns or issues
  • Continuous communication with parents ensure that we can identify any issues with their child early
  • An online learning journey shared with parents and, where applicable, other settings, logs all my observations and termly reports
  • In the year before they start school I discuss what is meant by a child being “school ready” with the parents and share information with parents on this.
  • I aim to promote childrens independence by providing them with lots of opportunities to do things for themselves be that drinking from open topped cups, putting on their own coats, socks and shoes or washing their hands
  • I encourage children to share and be considerate of others
  • I do a mixture of child and adult led activities throughout the week taking chances to teach children throughout by modelling language, questioning, facilitating, setting challenges, demonstrating and explaining.

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